I’d like to help you uncover your life’s mission and pursue it every day.

With weekly phone calls we can:

  • Uncover your vision
  • Clarify your goals
  • Strategize to overcome obstacles and
  • Keep you on course through life’s bumps

I’ll be your champion and provide perspective. Mostly I will listen intently and ask a few, penetrating questions.

Why I’m Excited to Help You

I’ve traveled around the world interviewing spiritual and intellectual leaders. The take away? I want to dedicate my life to help others listen for their inner voices and live their definition of a fulfilling life. I want to live up to Plutarch’s insight:

“To kindle a fire and leave it burning – that is the aim of all great teachers.”

When it’s all said and done, here’s how I want to be remembered:

  • A playful seeker
  • Kept it real
  • Always brought out the best in others

Accepting New Clients

Schedule a free, introductory session now:

Whats with the name?

There might be a better name for this business, but every time I mentioned Dooba Dabba Ding Dong people smiled and laughed. Just what I’m going for. 😉

As for playful people… it’s a reference to a book that changed the way I see the world — Finite and Infinite Games. There’s more information about it under free resources.